Biennale Bregaglia

05. July 2020

from 05th of Juli until 27th of September 2020

"Nossa Dona and Lan Müraia" are full of surprises and history: the first chestnut trees are growing here on an archaeological area, as the place is a climatic border between north and south.

It is also a language border. In Sopraporta they speak a different Bergell dialect than in Sottoporta. In addition to the fortified tower and church, there is a summer villa, designed by the Hotel-Bregaglia architect Giovanni Sottovia for the

Baron Giovanni of Castelmur. The villa is surrounded by a park-like garden. In short: an extremely romantic place, around which all kinds of stories entwine themselves.
With works conceived for theBIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2020, the invited artists refer to the special features of this place.