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13. June 2020

Summer in Maloja - Tips for trips

These interactive M A P S   will help you to plan your route better!

What could be better than escaping the heat and the stress of the cities and relaxing in the mountains, even better in Maloja? Nothing, exactly! Our valley offers many possibilities both for those who love active holidays and for those who prefer to relax a little more.

Do you love cycling? Would you prefer to take a relaxing walk and admire the beautiful landscapes of the Upper Engadin and Bergell?

Our tipps:

A spectacularly scenic high-level trail through the Val Bregaglia. You follow old paths through light mixed forest, over solid granite slabs and always with views of mighty granite spikes touching the sky on the other side of the valley.

  • Maloja - Lägh da Bitabergh – Lej da Cavloc

This circular hike leads from Maloja via Lägh da Bitabergh and Lägh da Cavloc back to Maloja. Through the long village, past the Maloja-Kulm, you hike to the first sharp bend on the road to Bergell. The view down into the Bregaglia and the serpentines of the Maloja road is impressive.

  • Maloja – Longhin Waterfalls

The hiking trail starts between the Hotel Maloja Palace and the post office, and snakes higher and higher up the steep mountainside, past Pila. It is worth taking a rest now and again to delight in the wonderful views over the Upper Engadin lake plateau and the magnificent Engadin and Bregaglia mountain peaks. After numerous loops in the trail, you will reach the Lägh dal Lunghin, where the path follows the lake shore before rising again to the Lunghin Pass. There is a three-way watershed here: the Inn, which flows through the Engadin and joins with the Danube to empty into the Black Sea; the Julia, which flows into the North Sea with the Rhine, and the Maira, which converges with the Po and then flows into the Adriatic.