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I am the spry waiter at the hotel Schweizerhaus. Actually, I am a farmer, but the cows do not want to speak with me, so I work willingly in service. I do not like to sleep, for this reason I come always early to work and prepare the terrace for my guests, «almost at night». I like walking, work in the countryside and enjoy a glass of good wine. Life is just wonderful!!

I am a Neapolitan, not an Italian. Thanks to the job I came in the beautiful Engadine, where I have met my wife and I have moved to Valtellina to build a family with her. Contrary to my colleague Pierluigi, I like to sleep like a Groundhog, I take life easier, laugh and make jokes at work, but my hospitality and sympathy make guest’s heart smile. I am not only passionate about sport but also curious about other cultures.

I am an Italian, who likes punctuality and accuracy and because of this maybe I've always worked in Switzerland, in the beautiful Engadine area. That's why many local people from Engadine return to Maloja to visit me. I like to do my job well in order to provide the best service for guests. With many years of experience in service I am able to handle stressful situations. During my free time I enjoy spending more time in my chalet in the mountains.

I fulfil Your Cocktail wish! Because I am a barkeeper at Hotel Schweizerhaus. I'm from Hungary. After few seasons of working in different parts of Canton of Grisons, I have decided to gain new experience and came to Maloja. My shape is important, that's why I'm passionate about bodybuilding.


As a head chef in the kitchen I am responsible for a crew of 4-6 employees, for the design of the cards and the complete purchase. I am a fan of light cooking and I am inspired of fresh products. Our varied menu brings us again new challenges, mostly in the high season. Fortunately, I can rely my long-term coworkers - even if I might train them again and again. I have studied in Germany and for the previous few years I had been working in well-known houses in Engadin, until I have found this job at the hotel Schweizerhaus. My little daughter is my passion with whom I am spending free time whenever possible. I can say that I am a calm, balanced, well organized and precise individual. My only problem is, says the boss, that I do not drink alcohol.

As a young, handsome man, I came to Engadin, where I have met my great love, Fatima. For many years we have been working together, we are really a good team! First at the Pizzeria Pöstli and now for several seasons as a chef at the hotel Schweizerhaus. By nature, I am quiet and reserved (quite the contrary to my wife), I am helpful and take my work seriously.


I am also an Italian and have spent many years, working as a housekeeper at hotel Schweizerhaus. I am a calm and romantic person and I love helping people. In my free time I like playing boccia, reading, walking, and being surrounded by people.

I am an Italian and have been part of the Schweizerhaus team for a long time. I am responsible for housekeeping and laundry. Since I have enough exercised on the job, walking is a foreign word for me, I prefer to do shopping. As a big Juve fan, I can always joke about football with my boss. And because the lift in Pöstli is always occupied by me (as I said, I do not like walking) the boss has always to take the stairs :)

I'm from Portugal I've been living here in Maloja for few years. Since 2017 I am responsible for buffet and housekeeping at the hotel Schweizerhaus.

Buffet and Porter

For many years I am the boss of the buffet and read the boss's wishes from the eyes. The colleagues exchanging ideas with colleagues helps me to know what is going on. I'm from Portugal, I have a lively son, I like to go shopping and enjoy it by driving a car.

I am currently the Youngest in the team, working at the buffet and I am making the breakfast for the guests. Luckily, I'm an early bird. In addition to Portuguese and Italian I speak and understand very well "Schwyzer Dütsch". My boss has discovered my passion for decoration and so my area of duties is slowly becoming more interesting and varied.

Restaurant Chesa Alpina and Kiosk Pöstli

As Pizzaiola I have started in Pöstli years ago, I am still loyal to my bosses and responsible for the kitchen after moving away from the Pizzeria Pöstli and going to Chesa Alpina Restaurant. I am funny person, like to be surrounded by people and always making a joke, which of course approaches everyone well. I have two children, both of them are going to school in Maloja. Like my Portuguese friends, I do shopping for pleasure.

Together with my brother I came to Maloja. At the restaurant Chesa Alpina, I am waiter, this is my dream job. In my leisure time I enjoy walking with my lazy dog in the nature. 

For many years I have worked full-time or part-time at the reception and in the service of the Hotel Schweizerhaus I have been renting the Kiosk Pöstli for 8 years. I am from Austria. I have met my husband in Maloja and since then I am living in Bergell. In my free time, I usually work in the garden during the summer. My other hobbies are traveling and reading books, that’s why I have many books in the kiosk.

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